On the cloud, there are tons of resources that could notify you if your website does not respond correctly or your server is down (‘off’).

Many traditional providers, do not offer this kind of alert, and your website could be down, without being aware of it.

The ServerStatusBot

The bot that I have implemented using python, will allow me to:

During summer 2021, I will join Microsoft as a Software Engineer intern, to work in the Microsoft Teams team.

How did I prepare to join Microsoft? Below, I will introduce you to the tools, resources, and rules that I have used during my internship preparation.

Before discussing my approach to coding preparation, it is essential to understand the mindset, habits, and tricks that will help you to train every day for several weeks.

To train for several weeks, you have to avoid any kind of burnout, setting realistic and achievable goals. Below, I am going to share my personal rules:

For technical interview preparation purposes, master algorithms and data-structure are nowadays a must-have skill, especially for those who are looking to work in the biggest tech companies as Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Adobe, and other wonderful companies.

I would like to welcome you to this Competitive Programming guide.

What does Competitive Programming mean?

Competitive programming is a mind-sport, where every participant tries to solve as many exercises as possible in a well defined and limited amount of time, using the candidate’s favorite programming language. The most popular programming languages used for Competitive programming are C++, Java, and Python.

Remember, once you choose one programming language for…

Davide Pollcino

Microsoft and GeeksForGeeks Campus Ambassador, Open Source contributor, and competitive coder.

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